What customer say about us

Our customers love our service as much as we do. We have listed some recent customer testimonials - these are real quotes from our customers:

"Thank you for your prompt action. You give me more and more reasons to
stay with Servage.net. I am always confident that your will come to my aid
anytime anyday. Please keep up the good work. U are BAM!"
Adewale, Nigeria

"I just wanted to expres how happy I am with the service and the hosting facilities I have with Servage. You guys are just great!

Keep up the good work.

/Happy customer"
Shuhab Hussain, Denmark

"Hey guys, I just wanted to send you a line saying how great it's been
being a customer of yours for going on 4 years now. Excellent service and
the free upgrades are amazing! Keep up the great work, and know that it is
very much appreciated!"
Jason DeFord, United States

"I always admire the way you guys respond to clients queries. In fact I
have been following the same to my clients now like the way you
Ashok RL, India

"Servage Hosting, you are the most high quality hosting I've purchased, I've used many hosting brands and yours just out performs all of them. Look forward to staying with you in the future!"
Harry Swaine, United Kingdom

"We fully trust in Servage. With hundreds of customers relying on our online services it is crucial with a professional partner like Servage. We, Sysban, have high demands for our partners and I must say that Servage is perfectly fulfilling our demands!"
Xose Gonzalez, Spain

"When I first saw Servage I knew they were the best hosting cpmpany because what you get in your package. You get 310 GB of webspace. My last host only porvided 2.5 GB and I paid much more, plus I had to pay for each email address and they were like $10 a month for each email address. Servage has unlimited (free) email addresses and they have more webspace than any other hosting companies I saw, and I have seen a lot. With just a fraction of the cost!

That is just the best deal out their. The Unlimited FTP accounts are really nice considering I only was allowed one form my last host. This wonderful support ticket system with 24/7 support is just amazing. I have never seen this great support. When I first joined Servage I have a question and I sent my question with the support ticket system and received a reply in 30 min. My last host may take like a week to reply. They even helped me on EASTER! I am overwhelmed at what Servage has to offer and what they have offered already. I just joined servage April, 07, 2007 and I have already seen that Servage is the best hosting company out there!"
Adam Thiele, United States

"Great value for money, loads of features, great server uptime.

I have been on a lot of hosts, Servage ranks at the top for me. Their customer support is the best I have ever seen. I have always gotten helpful and kind replys. They always go out of their way to help you. Thank you for the great hosting experience Servage."
Brian Jones, United Kingdom

"Hi guys! I have been your customer for almost a year. And this is the best web
hosting service I have ever seen. Never any trouble with anything, and
the probably the most flexible service around. I have tried a lot of
other web hosts, and no one is even close to your hosting services. In
the beginning I was a bit skeptic because there was so much web space,
functions, and flexibility for a very cheap price. So keep up the good
work. Thanks!"
Ronny Soltveit, Norway

"I love Servage! This is why I host here...I appreciate your quick answers to my questions, that is the MOST important thing I look for in a web host.

I've left many other web hosting companies BECAUSE I don't want to wait 24 hours for a reply. When I'm working on my web site I need answers NOW, not later.

You guys have done very well thus far. I will continue to advertise for you and spread the good word.

I know at times your job can be a hassle...however, your work is always appreciated."
Jeffrey, United States

"In addition to your very helpful responses I have to say that I have been very impressed with my whole experience so far. The intuitive control panel interface and FAQ/Helpcentre has made the massive job of transferring my website and MySQL database as trouble free as I could have possibly hoped for. It is clear that you and your team are both highly knowledgeable in technical aspects and committed to providing an all-round outstanding hosting package for your customers.

Well done, and thank you!"
Colin Hughes, United Kingdom

"I'd just like to say I was unsure about switching WebHosts, but you Servage (you guys) made it fast, secure, and easy, the level of customer support has been off the scale, superb! Thanks Servage!

Just wanted to take some time out to thank you for your services, especially today! Once again, thanks!"
Daniel Short, United Kingdom

"Hi All at Servage,
Thanks for setting up my Domain Name, and for all the assistance you have provided. You guys are the best, and have made my introduction to Hosting and Domains exceptionally smooth and enjoyable. Thank you all very much.
Warmest Regards"
Regan Venning, Australia

"Thank you very much, Im impressed with the speed of the response to the support ticket, hopefully this will fix the problem I originally raised the ticket for!

Tom Hosking, United kingdom

"I just wanted to write that I am once again amazed at the level of value for money continually being offered and bettered all the time by Servage. The offer that I originally purchased my account for a few months ago struck me as gold, but as it was quite aptly put in the Servage email (sun stroke) it is quite literally an insane offer.
The two websites I plan to construct with my Servage account, I hope will bring in new customers for Servage as we intend to advertise the excellent service here, and with the deal you're offering I've no doubt it will prove very popular. Thanks once again for an excellent service."
Derek Brealey, United Kingdom

"Once again I have to praise Servage for its excellent customer support & quality of service."
A. Motte, Netherlands

"I just wanted to take a minute to say how awsome your service is. It is by far the best around, even when talking of companies that charge more than twice what you guys do. I have dealt with a few companies in the past and must say, none of them even come close to the level of extremely fast, helpful, and friendly service you guys have.

Keep up the awsome work!"
Adam, Canada

"I would like to add my thanks to your testimonial page. When I found
Servage on the Net I thought it was all too good to be true. But since
joining you I must say I am extremely impressed with the whole package.
The hosting package is superb!!!! The web based control panel is the
easiest and nicest I have seen. Some of them are such a pain to
navigate, but your one is brilliant! I found it all so easy to setup and
your helpdesk support has been excellent with the odd query I had.

Don't change a thing you are the best around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jason Needs, United Kingdom

"Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the great support we get from the Servage staff. A big Thumbs Up! :-)"
John Reinders, Canada

"Every time I contact your support I always receive a quick and helpful
reply. Servage is awesome! Not only Unbelievable value for money but
the best support I've ever come across. Thank you.

Yours sincerely, gratefully and oh so thankful."
Paul Morris, United Kingdom

"Great support: decent respond time and nice attitude. Great prices ;)

Great server: Quick respond time from server and I have not yet experienced downtime.

So a triple G for you."
Casper Thygesen, Denmark

"Just wanted to say thanks for the help today. Patricia got back to me
before you finished typing the email! Everything was ready to go and
worked just like I wanted it to.

Everything looks really good so far. Keep up the good work and we can
probably throw some more business your way!"
Mickey Tomlinson, United States

"Thank you very much. The speed of the site is now excellent, and I would like to thank you for your swift action. Your service and support is always excellent. I applaude you"
Neil Smith, United Kingdom

"I feel compelled to tell you how happy I am with your service. I have used many hosts in the past but I am most comfortable using your services. Your control panel is intuitive and easy, your support team responds quickly, your price is very reasonable and you support all of the features I need. I am also extremely pleased with your anti-spam system. I'm not receiving any junk mail when I used to get at least 15 a day!"
Eric Justusson, United States

"Impressive! I just signed up, and I can't believe the speed of your setup of my account. Support answered my pre-sales questions quickly, politely, and replied with the most respect!

Why can't ALL hosting providers be like Servage? My overall experience thus far has been great!"
Jeffrey Rookard, United States

"Hello servage-Team,

we'd like to say: Thank you very much for this first year with servage!!

We're more then pleased with your amazing work you did and of course you'll do in the future. This first year was an amazing success for our website and that's of course our earnings but you you provide a great webserver and a great qualified team and so this is also your earnings.
We only had a downtime as you moved to your new tech-centre instead of having a downtime more than uptime (as we had with one of our former webspace-provider).

Besides that you offer a great amount of webspace and traffic but that's not all of the positive things we like. The new features like the mailing list, AntiSpam-System and also the others are damn good.

We hope to work with you as long as possible that's the best thing ever happened to us with regard to provider for webspace and of course the qualified team.

Again: Thank you very much!!!
(I guess you did not really know how pleased we are, but I hope you got an idea of that after reading this.)"
Oliver Lippert, Germany

"Just wanted to say thank you from our entire guild for your great package, awesome services and top notch support. We will always have Servage.net as our host!

Again, Thanks to YOU, the people that are responsible for making and keeping servage.net the best web hosting service around."
Noel Leon Bergerskogen, Norway

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank the Servage team for the quality job they're doing. Everytime I have a problem or query, it has been replied to and/or resolved within a few hours at the most, the hosting has been second to none and Servage is the best host company I've ever used.

Keep up the good work, guys!"
Gary Rutter, United Kingdom

"I have been with you guys for about 2 weeks and I have to say I am so impressed I am in the process of moving my other domains to you. I will also be setting up a second account when one of my other hosting packages comes to an end this month.

Your support service is faster than any I have ever known, server speed seems to be as fast as my last host (if not faster), the web space is ample and the included bandwith leaves many other hosts far behind.

I am looking forward to lots of free hositng from you guys!!! I am forever singing your praises to my colleagues and I am sure a few will be singing up ;)

Thanks again."
Paul Ward, United Kingdom

"I couldn't find a better place to thank you for your services. Your trouble ticket responses have been great. I would also like to thank for you the great control panel you have provided.. I LOVE it ;)

Not to mention I love the generous amount of webspace and bandwidth."
John Kurlak, United States

"Your services are great and honestly this is the best hosting and customer support i have ever had."
Muhammad Saeed, Pakistan

"I'd also like to use the opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service, the recent bandwidth upgrade and professionality. You're possibly the only hosting service I'll ever want!"
Volker Kerkhoff, Spain

"I'm a very glad to be one of your customers.

Good service, good servers, good prices... The paradise of web hosting!"
Félix Mercier, Canada

"I'm very happy of your hosting solution. your control panel is very simple and intutive.

My website is accessible and with good bandwich. I just want to thank you for your hosting solutions which is perfect for me ;-)"
Alexis Gaillard, Belgium

"Hi, Just wanted to say what a great service you offer. Have been really impressed ever since I signed up. Everything I could have hoped for from a supplier ! Keep up the good work."
Tim Jenkins, United Kingdom

"Your support is greatly appreciated and has earned my loyalty"
Michael Lockston, Canada

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and effiecient replies to my questions.

Have just setup a few email addresses for my and my partner and everything is working smashing, will get around to the website building after the christmas holidays, once things slow down a bit.

Anyway, we are glad to be a part of Servage, and will be recommending you guys to friends and in my forum and email signatures.

If only I had found you guys in the first place."
Ann Hird, United Kindom

"I love your price and the service. I love the support and want to thank ever single person that helps keep this company running! Thank you all."
Michael Blanton, United States

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for your help guys.....

The support and help you have offered us since we joined you has been second to none, absolutely fantastic service guys!!!

Thanks very much again!!"
Heather and Russell, United Kingdom

"Since day one of my account with Servage. I have been blown away by the support, the speed, and the reliability of the top-of-the-class clustered servers. This is how hosting should be run all round the world!

Thanks :)"
Oliver Northam, United Kingdom

"Hi I just wanted to congratulate you for such a great service you guys are providing and I think every day is getting better!! Kip up with the good work on bringing us this great service for a great price which is the lowest on the net."
Rigoberto Moran, United States

"Just sending a "support request" to say thankyou for the excellent support i have been shown during settling in and twiddling with minor issues since i joined yourselves.

It has helped greatly in getting my site going as quickly as possible.

Once again, thankyou."
David Adams, United Kingdom

"Just a note to say that after testing you with a few sites I am extreemly impressed and now I can't get my other websites over to you quick enough. The speed on my sites hosted with you is excellent and with your support I have every confidence that a human perspective is put on the solution.

My only problem now is trying to think of new sites to use up my free webspace and bandwidth!"
Paul Owen, United Kingdom

"Absolutely outstanding! Your support has so far been exceptionally better than I would have ever expected from a hosting service. I'm very happy I choose servage.net to host my site and it is certainly comfortable to know I have this excellent support 'literally' at my finger tips if I get into a bind."
Jade Skaggs, United States

"Servage.net are a fantastic host. They're cheap, reliable, friendly, give massive amounts of space and bandwidth and best of all, they're quick on the case! My account was set up in under 1 hour! Also, they reply to your support tickets very quickly. Choose these guys, they're better than ANYONE I've ever been hosted by before."
James Cubie, United Kingdom

"I just wanted to thank you guys for providing such a great service. I have recommended you to family, friends, and everyone else I've met looking for hosting. Your customer service is the best, the deal is the best, the hosting is...the best.

I look forward to hosting with you for years to come."
Brandon Baggett, United States

"I would just like to tell you guys that I am glad that I chose you after looking for a hosting provider for ages, I finally found a host that actually pays off. Thanks alot for this!"
Michael Lunn, Norway

"I would like to thank everyone at servage for showing me what a good web hosting company really is I have been very pleased with the help I have received and small changes to the set-up for my account allowing my site to run the way it should do. The help in the support tickets I have received has been excellent and solved all of my problems so thank you for that.

Just wanted to say thanks and I look forward to having many years with your company with smooth well run hosting for my website."
Alan Worth, United Kingdom

"I would just like to say thank you for all your support you have shown me over the last few days and since I became a Servage customer, I don't know what I would have done without your help.

You are the best THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH."
Tracey Jones, United Kingdom

"Ever since I signed up with Servage there has been nothing but updates to an already great service. Suggestions that I have made have made it on to Servage which was no doubt due to popular demand but its great to see you people listen :)"
Jason Batten, Australia

"Thank you for your prompt response, after setting up my account with you only an hour ago, i am already impressed with the customer service."
Adam Arnold, Australia

"Hey guys, I've been with you for over a year and I have got to say that Servage is my tried and true rock for web hosting. I've tried other hosts, but they always seem to ignore my support tickets and then try to cover it up saying they never got them. You guys have been very timely with every one of my support tickets and have been quick to help anytime there is a problem. I would just like to thank everyone at Servage for the awesome job they are doing! Let's make the next year even better."
Jason DeFord, United States

"That's amazing! I'm really excited about that I'd found you on the www, never thought about a company like this, for many of my friends it's not imaginable to have such a great amount of webspace and traffic for that price. Those guys only believe if I show them my login or the start page of servage.net!"
Oliver Lippert, Germany

"I wanted to express my thanks for continuing to better your hosting plan. I'm having some trouble ciguring out what to do with almost 8gb of space but I'm happy I have the opportunity to be fully creative without having to worry about space restrictions. I have been very happy to use you as my webhost. Thank you."
Sami Kosonen, Finland

"I am very pleased with Servage and hope to continue doing business with such a great company. I will always recommend your hosting to friends and business parteners."
Jay Williams, United States

"I have to say that I have never found a better host, I am more than happy with your service and the amazing package I have. I am soon to start web design and will assure you that all the sites I develop will be hosted with servage, keep up the great work!"
Joanne Mulcahy, Spain

"I would just like to say that you guys are the best. You can quote me on that!

As someone who takes up a little fraction of webspace and bandwith that you offer, I love your hosting as I always know the extra space is there.

Keep up the great work.
I tell everyone who is looking for web hosting to go to you."
Dave McMann, United Kingdom

"Generally I must say that I never have seen a company which is answering questions so fast, reacting on requests in such a short time, also on weekends.

I want to thank you for this service and you can be safe that I will further recommend you!"
Stephan, Germany

"Just wanted to say, thanks servage you really rock, you are the best host i ever had :-)"
Cedric Boone, Belgium

"It has been a real pleasure having my web sites hosted with Servage. Thank you for your kind, fast service. Greatly appreciated! :) You all have a nice day."
Martha Murphree, United States

"THANKS!... SERVAGE.NET for all the excellent web hosting capabilities & qualities that you provide making my efforts of webmastering a cinch.

I have hosted numerous web sites over the last 8 years from personal sites to general business & corporate sites. I have used numerous hosts but none can come even close to SERVAGE.NET which is by far the BEST hosting service that I have ever used... bar none! The people at SERVAGE are so kind, warm and friendly to work with. New sites are made available FAST and if you have questions, you will receive expert assistance. And to think I get all of this plus a whole lot more at a great hosting price. Again... THANK YOU SERVAGE.NET you are the BEST!"
Doug Taylor, United States

"Well i just want to say that i am very happy with my servage hosting account, i feel like you are a very personal company who helps customers on a personal level, and i have recomended you to many of my friends.

Again i would like to thank you for your great hosting and i am thinking of adding another domain.

Thanks and till next time

PS. I really like it when you upgrade the systems and give us customers and upgrade, it gives me the feeling i realy made the right choice choosing you as my hosting company."
Alex Andebeek, The Netherlands

"I wanted to give you guys a shout out. I've only been happy with your service - you guys are always fair and professional. I've never had a better hosting company. Keep up the great work."
Ramadev Hukkeri, United States

"On behalf Flavorade/Linquity/MASQ, and myself, please accept our day by day growing satisfaction words, being your customer.

Congratulations for your service, keep up the good work!"
Alexandru Dutulescu, Romania

"I have been with Servage for nearly 8 months now and I have to say how impressed I am by your service. It's getting better and better month by month, and I would like to thank you and congratulate you for providing such a remarkable service at so low a cost."
Rowan, Australia

"An amazing level of support, to complement an amazing hosting company. I have never, never received this level of support before. Thank you again, Servage.Net :)

I *will* be passing business your way, and moving /all/ of my hosting here."
Michael Payne, United Kingdom

"Your service is the best kept secret on the net, what a deal, I lease
dedicated servers and hosting with a number of ISP's for a variety of
projects, and they offer nothing like these stats.

Go Servage !"
Mark Stewart, United Kingdom

"Thanks for helping me out so fast with my problems and for this amazing service, the great webspace and all the other features. IT's awesome!"
Oliver Lippert, Germany

"You guys have done it again! first you boost us up to 5100 megs of space now 330 gigs of transfer. I have been into web development for 5 years. I use to host with [provider] but certainly glad I made the switch! You guys just get better and better every month!"
Jason Batten, Australia

"I am using your services for some time now and got no single problem. Your support was just amazing. THANK YOU!

p.s. Thank you for the disk space increase.. :)"
Andrius Jankevicius, Lithuania

"I have had [major host] doing my hosting in the past, but I must say they are not a patch on you guys - thanks for the extra webspace and moreover the help you have given me recenently - you really are special."
Michael Charlesworth, United Kingdom

"You have been a great provider going way above what people expect :)"
Richard, United States

"You guys are absolutely awesome!

I have 5.1gb of storage thanks to your free hosting idea [earn free months and disk space by referring new customers]. I've been with you nearly a year now and i've never had to complain about anything. The oxford dictionary should have you guys as a description of awesome :o)
Keep up the good work my friends!

I love you!"
David Magee, United Kingdom

"I just wanted to say 'Thank you!' for providing such wonderful hosting! I've only been with Servage for a couple of months, but I am already very impressed and extremely satisfied by the quality of your service!

So thank you, keep up your terrific work!"
Stephanie Woods, United States

"Thanks! You all are probably one of the best companies (not just web hosting, but any company) I have ever dealt with. It’s nice to know that a company actually cares about their customers in this day and age."
Eric Williams, United States

"Dear Servage,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am being a Servage customer. I work in technology and collaborate with lots of other vendor support people, and never have I been so impressed with the response and quality of you and your staff.

Not only that, in the short time I have been with you, you've upgraded my account twice for free! That is simply wonderful, and for that, thank you."
Scott Christom, United States

"Great ticketing system, timely response, very pleased to be hosted here. Thanks a million."
Ian Cameron, United Kingdom

"Hi, I hope this finds you all well. Thank you very much again for supplying the Anti-span system - it is great!"
Gary, United kingdom

"First of all thank you very much for your services, it's actually better than I though in advance, and withouth any doubts, better than any other hosting services that I already tested."
Segundo José, Germany

"I just signed up for hosing service with Servage and wanted to say that you guys rock! This is my first time renting hosting and you guys make is easy!

Thanks from a customer who will be with you for the long haul...."
Brian, United States

"Patricia, thank you for your help in setting this up. Your help is very much appreciated and were a pleasure to comunicate with. Your outstanding help is just another reason why servage is a superior to your competetion.

thank you again!"
Jerrold, United States

"I love the upgrade to our control panel, i found servage by accident and dont plan on leaving, in fact i have brought you customers and plan to use you when my business is setup.

I will be helping small business create a presence on the internet and i feel that it is beyond the best value. all my problems have been resolved extremely quick and honestly."
Jason, United States

"I think its appropriate not to sent a problem this time but a big compliment about your service in general.

You are able to provide a service that sometimes rise above the clients expectation!

A unique performance these days!

Appreciation by a satisfied customer;)"
J.R., Netherlands

"Thank you so much for all yor help I would like to say your compangy is great you always repsond VERy quickly to all my questions and i just wanna thank everyone there."
Aleksandar Stojic, Poland

"Only a few hours after I initiated a new domain with Servage.net it was up and running. On two subsequent occasions I requested technical assistance and the reply was immediate and on target."
Dr. Ron Whittaker, United States


I would just like to say thank you for a great support system with friendly and helpfull support staff :o)"
Elsia Kjeldsen, Denmark

"I've only been with Servage for a week, but am I ever impressed! The speeds are great, and all the features are amazing!

Thank you so much!"
M. Dryden, Canada

"Hi Servage Team!
This is not a trouble ticket but a praise to you!
I've been with Servage been for a few months now, and I really enjoy all the professionalism you guys manifest! Service is more than excellent! Also, I really enjoyed the little upgrade with more storage and more bandwith, keep rocking it Stephan! :D I'll be with Servage 'till the end!

Have a nice day!

- A happy customer"
Guillaume Mongeon, Canada

"Thanks!!! I can already tell you are way better than my other (old!!)
webhost.. they haven't replied to my email about their facilities
being down for 6 days. So I left!"
Nick, United States

"Hi - first up let me thank you for a great hosting service I have several sites on other hosts and the service and uptime just doesnt compare with your hosting plan. As the other hosts come up for renewal I'll definetly be transferring hosting to you."
Ian Langtree, Canada

"There is nothing else to say, than Servage.net is PERFECT. I have no problems what so ever.

It's fast and UP all the time. (thats what counts)."
Jan Langholm, Denmark

"I'd just like to thank you for the remarkable work you've done, and for getting everything up so fast.

Servage is by far the best hosting expierience I've expierienced in quite a while, and you can't imagine the relief it brings me to know that I have such a great, supportive, helping, caring host. Other hosts really dont care about the customers, they just want the money...not with servage. I feel such a kind energy from your staff when contacting me about my questions.

So once again, Thank you servage. I'm very greatful for the service you provide."
United States, Bill Cessna

"I just had to say how brilliant you all are; my stie was set up in 45
minutes and everything was ready! I really can't thank you enough for
setting up my phpBB for me, after only 2 hours of requesting! I couldn't
choose between two sites, but your Customer Service Team really set my
desision 100%! Thanks Servage!"
David Magee, United Kingdom

"You guys are awesome! Thanks for changing my domain settings, I really appreciate it. As if the features weren't enough, your service was the reason I chose Servage. I didn't want to open a support ticket just to thank you, but I really wanted to, so I sent you this email. I hope you don't mind me sending it to sales. Thanks again. "
Bulat Bochkariov, United States

"Hi, your service is cool and so fast, but the amdin panel is so easy to use, Thanks for this service, I was searching for a while a service like yours, But finally I found it."
John Winter, United States

"Sound greate that GD is getting installed. Must say that your support and service is amazing. Haven't really expected answers in the weekend!"
Uwe Palme, Norway

"Many thx....other hosting companies had a lot of problems with the domain.
Finally somebody who can take care of it in the right way!"
Martijn Brands, Netherlands

"Thank you for being so flexible! I have one been with one other hosting company before you but you have proved to be much more flexible than them and as far as I can see also more competent.

Thank you and keep you the great work!"
Jamie, New Zealand

"I have now been with Servage for eight months and I have never been so pleased with a hosting company.

Keep you the good work!"
Steve Hausmann, United States

"I’m totally green with website designing and html. But your kind support crew helped me getting started and look at me now :o)"
Bente Skovgaard, Denmark

"I have actually never experienced any down time at all and the speeds are just great. I have recommended your service to several friends"
Lorene White, United Kingdom

"I switched over to you guys last month and I must say that your support staff is just great! I've had some PHP programming issues and you have been really helpful getting everything to work. I'm especial grateful for the help setting up PHPNuke which I couldn't figure out how to install.

I have already referred a friend to your company - please give him the same service you provided me :o)"
Wolfgang Jürgensen, Germany

"Thank you for getting us up and running so fast. It is only 4 hours since I placed the order and my domain is already online !"
Wolfgang Walter, United States

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