Joomla!™ Hosting

Your own installation is made with one click!

One of the most popular systems for webpage management today is Joomla. If you are a little bit unsure with the best way to manage your website or even get it off the ground, our easy to use web hosting service makes the whole process as straightforward as possible.

The Joomla platform is relatively new, having been developed in 2005. Since then, it has quickly become popular - mainly because it is open source and easy to work with on a small scale level.

Because of this, Joomla web hosting services are in high demand. Some companies will charge extra for services like Joomla and WordPress hosting. But with Servage, you have access to these services as standard
as well as to the knowledge of a 24/7 support team, if you still have any questions.
Servage web hosting company offers Joomla!™, a great tool that can help you get started with your quest to build a website that reflects the style of your business or helps you express your feelings through a personal site.

Joomla!™, like other scripts on Servage, is easy to get started with, using the autoinstaller tool. Simply run a 3-minute install program, fill in a bit of information and the Joomla!™ platform will be directly installed on your website. What could be easier? Publishing through Joomla!™ is very easy too. You can download new templates to change the look of your site with just a click of the mouse.

Do not let your website lag behind the crowd. Choose Servage for your hosting company and choose Joomla!™ for your webpage management toolset. By using this great combination of products, you can easily create a customized and unique page for your business or even for your blog or other personal webpage. Using Joomla!™ through Servage is truly the best solution for those who want to create the page of their dreams.

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