High Availability Servers

State of the Art clustered Server enviroment

Most web hosting providers are small and do not have the required experience or capital to deliver top service and performance. Often they rent one or two servers and run their services from there. Such service is simply not good enough for demanding websites and definitely not something that we would recommend.

System overview

System overview for our high availability cluster structure

Here at Servage we have a different approach and have developed a superior solution that has a history of 100 percent uptime! Although we can "only" provide you with a 99.98% uptime guarantee, there is no reason to expect service interruptions in the future because:

  • Servers in Redundant Setup
  • Gigabit Internet Connections
  • Load Balancers
  • Own Datacenter
  • Emergency Power
  • Failure is not an option

The Super-Node structure means that your webpage is not located on a single server, but instead on multiple servers in our cluster. When a user accesses your site he/she is instantly taken to the fastest server in our cluster. This obviously provides a performance gain but more importantly such setup is fault tolerant. In case a server in the cluster is down your visitors can still access your page at full speed as users are spread over the remaining servers.

Such fault tolerant systems is expensive and time consuming to setup. However our experience shows us that its a good investment as it increases customer satisfaction and loyalty towards our company.

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